Wedding Season is Here!

Wedding Season is Here!

Things to consider when designing or buying beaded accessories for a wedding.

Why choose Beaded accessories? 

  1. Bead accessories offer a unique and distinct style which makes you stand out from the crowd.
  2. Bead accessories made for both the bride and groom can compliment each other.
  3. You can easily find something to your taste since beads come in a large variety of colours, shapes and sizes.
  4. Bead accessories are durable, especially if made with good quality materials. Materials like gemstones, semi precious bead stones, metals etc can stand the test of time.
  5. Bead accessories can be completely customized to your taste. Thus, making a totally unique set for you.
  6. Bead accessories are often more affordable and budget friendly compared to other types of accessories.

What to consider when designing or buying beaded accessories for the Bride and Groom?

The Bride and Groom are the main focus of the day, so accessorizing these outfits can be fun but can also make or break the outfits you choose. You must find the right balance and not go over the top with accessories. So your whole apparel is not overdressed or underdressed.

Traditional Wedding.

(This view is from my perspective and culture. There are other variations as per cultures.)

This is where the two families formerly agree to the union. It is an engagement party but is also known as the traditional wedding. The traditional wedding is usually celebrated before the formal church activities or court wedding (white wedding) if any.

Things to consider for a more polished look:

  1. Choose a colour scheme for the day and stick it.
  2. Always have a sample of your attire with you, as keeping within the colour scheme of the day is important.
  3. Traditionally, there are bead stones that are used on this day e.g., Corals (red, peach, blue), real Pearls and other precious stone beads. So having your attire colours at hand will help you match correctly.
  4. The colours of your bead jewellery should not clash with your attire but compliment.
  5. The style of your bead set depends on your taste and style but match the hues of your beads with your attire. 
  6. Layering is a clever idea for the traditional wedding jewellery.
  • You can layer bead sets with long coral necklaces
  • You can layer a jewellery set with a long coral necklace.
  • You can match your long coral necklace with your intendeds
  • You also do not have to use a long coral necklace but have a bead set designed for you for this occasion from quality beads.
  1. There are many options for you to choose from, but even then, you do not want to go overboard in costs, style etc. Use good quality beads as against cheap beads, although good quality beads do not necessarily need to be so expensive. Your bead stylist should be able to guide you here.
  2. Use a bead stylist that is worth her salt. It is best to design a set that will be a keepsake for you. A set designed with meaning for your day.
  3. If you do design a one in town set ask your bead stylist if she can restyle it after the day to something more day to day or more manageable.

 Wedding Day

 What you decide to style your wedding dress with is your decision but taking these points into consideration can help, as bead accessories are meant to enhance your dressing, not overwhelm it.

It is important to take the style of your wedding dress is into consideration:

  1. Choose a good wedding connoisseur so you will be guided in the choice of wedding dress.
  2. Add pieces of jewellery that will make your décolletage sparkle or stand out if the neckline of your dress is open.
  3. If there is a touch of colour in your dress, you can have a bead jewellery set designed in this colour bead stones.
  4. A high neckline dress may not warrant you using a necklace but instead a bold bead bracelet/bangle or drop earrings.
  5. Less is More when accessorizing a wedding dress.
  6. Remember also that beads can be used on other items you might wear that day. e.g. the veil, a crown, a sash, a cover for a winter bride. etc.
  7. Lastly, always match the metal of all your accessories with the hue of your dress and use the same metal colour throughout your accessories.


A white/off white wedding dress could be matched with silver/rhodium.

 An ivory wedding dress could be matched with gold.

A pink wedding dress could be matched with rose gold.

 What to consider when designing or buying beaded accessories for the Parents of the Bride/Groom

In some cultures, the traditional wedding ceremony is as much the Parents day as it is for the Bride and Groom. Therefore, the mothers of the bride and groom are allowed freedom in their choice of bead jewellery.

There are still things to consider though:

  1. The colour scheme of the day
  2. Depending on tastes, their bead accessories can be more defined, more in-depth, bold, or simple.
  3. Sometimes both families agree to use the same attire and accessories, to show the families are now a union.
  4. Bead accessories should be tastefully made with quality bead stones otherwise the set may seem tacky.
  5. Quality bead stones does not necessarily mean expensive. A good bead stylist should be able to guide your choice.
  6. It is nice to choose a bead set that you may be able to use later or restring in another way for maximum use.

 As the parents of the couple remember that the wedding day proper is a big day for the bride/groom but also for you. You are the hosts and want to be extremely comfortable and feel your absolute best in whatever you wear.

  1. Unlike the traditional wedding day, it is not wise to over accessorize the bead accessories as it really is the day for the bride/groom to shine.
  2. Take the style of your dress/attire into consideration in choosing the neck piece.
  3. Although there is no rule on what you can or cannot wear, it is best to strike a balance in the style you choose so that it does not seem you are competing with the bride.
  4. It is best to stay away from loud, noisy, uncomfortable bead accessories
  5. Take the dress and colour code of the day into consideration as this will help you decide what type of accessories go with such and occasion.
  6. It may be best to speak to the bride about what you intend to wear just so you do not end up wearing the bridal train jewellery or competing with them.
  7. It is also nice for both mothers to be on the same page before the day. This makes everyone comfortable.

 What to consider when designing or buying beaded accessories for the Bridal Train

  1. Members of the train are usually trusted friends/sisters, which means they are willing to concede that it is the bride’s day, and her wishes take precedence over theirs.
  2. Whatever the choice of bead accessorises, whether they are in unison or chosen by each person, the bride must veto them. She must be comfortable with what her girls wear.
  3. The colour scheme of the day must also be considered
  4. The style of the dress they wear must be considered.
  5. Simplicity is key. In short, less is more is very appropriate for the train.

 What to consider when designing or styling your accessories and attire as Guests

 How to stay stylish or dressed to impress as a guest:

  1. PLEASE adhere to the dress code on the invitation, this is very important.
  2. Although this is a favourite pastime for some, it is not considered polite to upstage the hosts in your dressing.
  3. It is best not to wear white on the wedding day or dress to upstage the bride.
  4. Do not dress too casual or overdress. This could be in attire or accessories used to compliment the attire.
  5.  In other words find a balance in the way you dress to keep heads turning but not to overdo it.

 By following these tips you will surely stand out for all the right reasons. Above all, confidence is your best accessory so wear your outfit with pride and joy knowing that your choice of attire and accessories have made the day!

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