2024 has been a bit slow at Loyatobs Creations but, here we are thanking GOD for Life.

I welcome you all to the season of Spring which we are slowly moving into down here. I also send a BIG thank you for your patronage in 2023 and welcome you and all prospective customers to a Happy and productive 2024.

What will be the 2024 trends in LOYATOBS CREATIONS?

My creations have generated a lot of feedback from you all, and I have taken the feedback on board. Especially the major concern of being able to buy single items instead of sets. Therefore, my bead jewellery will be created around all the following themes:

  • Unique colour combination bead jewellery
  • A mix of Chunk and simple Jewellery
  • Adding vintage jewellery pieces to my bead creations
  • Bead jewellery that suits all occasions
  • All shapes of pearls, pearls and more pearls.
  • Darker bead stones that will mix easily with other jewellery
  • Multi coloured bead jewellery
  • Statement pieces
  • Pendant and earring necklace sets.
  • Some stand alone necklaces, bracelets and/or earrings

Naming my Collections:

This year, I will still name my collections as they come out, after different types of flowers.

I love the beauty, boldness, colour, and fragrance of flowers.

The first new collection this year is the SPRING COLLECTION (March-June) and its named the



I named the Spring collection after the dainty and colourful Cherry Blossom. Blossom actually refers to the flowers of stone fruit trees e.g. plums, cherries, apples. They usually flower abundantly over a relatively short period in spring and range in pastel colours from creamy whites to deeper pinks. The sight of these flowering trees is a beautiful sight to behold especially after the drab  winter months. I can best describe the fragrance they give off as  the smell of ‘Spring’.

We are based in the United Kingdom but offer international shipping. Our focus is on creating high quality, unique, jewellery pieces and novelty items.